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Member Shout-Outs

The Malta Parrot

A few of our members recently had a unique painting opportunity.  At the request of Pioneer Park representative Bud Robinson, they were tasked with painting The Malta Parrot. The macaw was designed and created by Goderich Blacksmith artist Jim Wallace. For those who may not know, the parrot was rescued along with ten crew members when the Malta sank near the mouth of the Bayfield Harbour in 1882. 


The contributing artists are: Catherine Tillmann, Laura Brown, Trish Pemberton, Tom Grasby and Hazel Grasby. The Malta Parrot has now been added to the salvaged remains of the Rudder installed in Pioneer Park. Next time you are walking in the park, stop by to admire this tribute to an historic event.

Screen Shot 2023-08-30 at 5.54.53 PM.png

Kathy Wilson

Bayfield Fair 2023 

Kathy's watercolour portrait picked up first place in section as well as BEST IN SHOW.

"A well-deserved win." Deb Grasby


Trish Pemberton

Local Bayfield Art Show June 10-11, 2023.


The Art Show was hosted by the Bayfield Centre for the Arts and volunteer residents at the Bayfield Town Hall 


The exhibition featured originals and prints featuring the village of Bayfield and it’s surroundings. Most of the art show cased is privately owned, but some were for sale.


Trish Pemberton and former Bayfield Artist Guild member Laura Dirk were chosen to showcase their art. 


Springtime in Pioneer Park - acrylic on canvas

Cathy Wilson BAG FAIR PRIZE 22.webp
Cathy Wilson.png

Kathy Wilson

First prize in section and Best in Show (2022) at the Bayfield Community Fair.


Reeka Spence

The exhibit "In Love with the Natural World that Sustains Life" is in the Courthouse Park in Goderich. Reeka's artwork was choosen to be part of this outdoor art exhibit by the Goderich Public Art Project

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