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Annual Art Show | 2022

Deb and Tom Grasby hosted the BAG Art Show on August 20th in their delightful garden with iconic lighthouse, in Bayfield.  The show piggybacked alongside the Bayfield Fall Fair.



Many of the members were represented along with several guest artists. It was attended by neighbours, friends and visitors from afar. Many expressed interest in personal works by asking questions and purchasing select pieces.
Getting to Know You - Members in Show
Lori Webb Thompson
Renee Hill
Laura Browne
Trish Pemberton
Tim McDonald
Rita Paakkunaien
Helmut Becker
Anita Vanderhaar
Mary Hurley
Catherine Tillman
Kathleen Wilson
Reeka Spence
Doreen Lalor provided art supplies and inspiration to visiting children.
Visiting Guest Artists Hira Patel and Cydney Hurley Stauffer

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